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LIGHTROOM 101 - The Essentials     

                                   February 4 - June 3  - October 14

LIGHTROOM 102 - Digital Post Processing                     

                                  March 4 - June 24 - Nov 18

LIGHTROOM 103 - Advanced Post Processing   with LR and Photoshop

                                  Jan 21 - April 1  - July 22 - Dec 2


January 14 - January 16 - Winter in the Grand Canyon


Winter in Grand Canyon Winter at the Grand Canyon is a photographers delight offering cool crisp air and crystalline light along the canyon's South Rim. Soft hues of purple, red and blue paint the sky against the canyon walls. Join Suzanne Mathia for this winter escape to Arizona's majestic Grand Canyon.  

Winter is one of the best seasons for photography at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The summer crowds are gone and the days are replaced with crisp cool air and tranquil serenity. With fewer people, it also means more opportunity to find wildlife within camera range.

Pricing: $775.00

February 21 -  February 27  - California Coast - Big Sur

Small group custom workshop

7 Days, Six Nights (3 Morro Bay; 3 Big Sur)

From the moment you start this amazing road trip, you'll leave the world behind as you wind up, over & down along 350 miles of the world's most rugged coastline in a land where populations dwindle, trees and mountains soar & waves crash in a landscape cold, green & beautiful. For seven days & nights, we'll wind our way along legendary U.S. Highway 1 thru four separate coastal regions of incomparable beauty: Santa Barbara; Morro Bay/San Simeon; Big Sur; Carmel/Monterey. The journey will offer an amazing diversity of photographic opportunities: seascapes of all order; quaint boat harbors; Spanish Mission architecture; ocean wildlife & sea birds; tidepools; winter waves; redwoods & live oaks; sand dunes; historic span bridges, & more.

Pricing: $3695.00

March 19-23 2017    Slot Canyons: Natures Sculpted Sandstone


Etched into the crust of the Colorado Plateau are the most photogenic and captivating canyons in the world. Join us as we explore the twisting sandstone labyrinths of the slot canyons, the strangely formed hoodoos, mysterious petroglyphs and a 270 degree view of the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend. We will even take a leittle raft trip from the Dam through Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River.

Pricing: $2,250 / $500 deposit  


April 20 -24, 2017   Havasupai: Land of Blue Green Waters


Journey to the “Shangri-La” of the Southwest, Havasu Canyon. The Land of Blue Green Waters. This small branch of the Grand Canyon contains Havasupai, Navajo and Mooney Falls, three of the most beloved waterfalls in the American West and 2 new spectacular falls created in just the last few years.

Duration: 5 days | Activity level: 6.0 | Price: $3,295  


May 4 - 7 , 2017          White Pocket on the Colorado Plateau

             and                               ARIZONA HIGHWAYS PHOTO WORKSHOP

May 10 -13

Hidden within the desert expanse of the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs National Monument near the Arizona/Utah border sits a little known but magical spot called White Pocket. Relatively unknown until recent years and not easily accessed, White Pocket is fast becoming the next photographer's paradise for capturing uniquely strange and colorful rock formations.

Get access to one of the most unique landscapes in North America to photograph strange and interesting rock formations when Arizona Highways Photo Workshops takes you to the hidden gem known as White Pocket. Limited to 9 participants, this small group workshop ensures individual attention so you go home with this spectacular shots!

Join Suzanne Mathia on this outfitter guided trip as we camp and explore the Paria Plateau.

 Pricing: $1,295 / $500 deposit   - SOLD OUT CALL FOR WAITLIST

July 29, 2017   Creative Techniques


Unleash your creative mojo with our exciting new Creative Techniques workshop. Working with oil, water and smoke you will learn ways to create dazzling works of art that are as unique as a snowflake. Then using Lightroom and/or Photoshop you will learn how to take your images from wow to over-the-top.

 Pricing: $199

August 27 - Oct 1 2017  Autumn - Grand Canyon North Rim


When summer ends the North Rim of the Grand Canyon comes alive as the aspen trees and other foliage turn to autumn gold and wildlife gets ready for winter. Join Suzanne Mathia on this favorite photo excursion as we capture stunning fall color against the backdrop of Cape Royal, Point Imperial, Angel's Window and other scenic viewpoints.

The Grand Canyon's North Rim is the perfect place to capture stunning images with dramatic skies. 

Pricing: $2,195 / $500 deposit

Aug 4 -7    Hunts Mesa - Monument Valley

Small Group Custom Workshop

Monsoon conditions produce some of the most dramatic & original opportunities for photography in the southwest. Join us for an incredible expedition to some of the most epic vistas in the American Southwest. Over four days, we will explore the whole of this magical and sacred land of mesas and monuments including Totem Pole & Y'ei Bi Chei, the arches, petroglyphs and ruins of Mystery Valley, Navajo rug weavers and sheepherders, and of course two evenings to capture the legendary Mitten Shadow. Will we complete the adventure with and an unforgettable journey to an overnight stay at Hunt's Mesa, high above the valley floor.

Pricing: $2295.00

September 14 -17, 2017  White Sands - Dunes and Balloons


Hues of pinks, blues and purples paint an endless landscape as the desert sky meets the rolling gypsum dunes known in White Sands National Monument. Spanning 275 square miles this uniquely arid terrain offers magical opportunities for photographing shadows, light and texture.

Our trip will coincide with the annual balloon festival which allows some amazing shots of the hot air ballons over the White SAnds!

Pricing: $1,450 / $500 deposit

Dates TBD - Inquire if Interested -  Canyon-Colorado River Raft Trip

Private Group

One of the most life changing experiences.  A 10 days photographic exploration of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. 

 We  will “shoot” some of the world’s most famous rapids, sleep under the stars each night by the side of the river, Hike the  inner canyons  and photograph some of the most jaw dropping scenes on earth! For ten days, you will experience a true wilderness experience, away from phones, the internet, and civilization.  This trip is especially designed for Photographers.  our custom itinerary has been designed with only one goal in mind: to maximize photographic potential.  Two professional instructors with intimate knowledge of the river will be there to  teach and mentor you and to hone your photographic skills so that you will leave with incredible images as well as life long memories.

 Our Outfitters have extensive  knowledge of the river and understand our photographic priorities.   We explore secrets of the Grand Canyon accessible only by the river from huge caverns to  slot canyons, waterfalls, reflecting pools, hanging gardens, seeps, springs, ancient granaries, photographing at the best possible time of the day to create prized images of sight seen by few.

Eleven Days, Ten Nights (including one night Page)

Call or email for more details

Price TBD 

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